Highway 101 is a chapbook press created by Sarah Suzor and Annie Pentilla. Living in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the editors of 101 are united not only by their shared commitment to poetry but also by a timeless piece of US geography: US Highway 101.

What, you might ask, are the editors of 101 looking for in the poetry they will ultimately unleash upon the world? Well, glad you asked; here are some thoughts we agree with, we hope they will inspire your imagination:

Throw things to the flood.
    -Lorine Niedecker

Words are what sticks to the real. We use them to push the real, to drag the real into the poem. They are what we hold on with, nothing else. They are as valuable in themselves as a rope with nothing to be tied to.
    – Jack Spicer

Clarity, clarity, surely clarity is the most beautiful thing in the world, a limited, limiting clarity.
    – George Open

For the relations of words are in pairs first.
For the relations of words are sometimes in opposition.
For the relations of words are according to their distances from the pair.
    -Christopher Smart

Exchange is creation.
    -Muriel Rukeyser

Dear possible, and if you drown,
Nothing is lost…
    -Laura Riding

That said, we are truly looking forward to reading your submissions. We hope they are good enough to eat.


The Editors of 101 Press,
Annie Pentilla and Sarah Suzor.