Concerning Rights

We have received an alarming amount of mail concerning our “all rights revert to Highway 101 upon publication of the chapbook” statement. We mean First North American rights. We really don’t want to see the SAME EXACT book come out from another press. That’s all.

We’re writers ourselves, we’re not going to take your intellectual property. We just don’t want you to take the same manuscript that we publish and have it published again by some press in, say, Omaha. Most of this goes without saying in the “writing world,” but we just needed to make sure we were clear about the fact that Highway 101 will have First North American rights to the chapbook we publish. If you want to publish poems from the chapbook after we publish it, go on ahead. If this chapbook is a smaller version of a larger manuscript that will be (god-willing) published later, that’s great. Super sorry about the confusion.